Course Maps

SWIM  400m

You will need to arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to your estimated swim start time. On arrival you will be asked to read a ‘Race Breifing’ sheet before being given your timing chip. You will await at poolside until instructed otherwise by the Chief swim marshall.

Bike 16km


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  • Wearing your Helmet is compulsory – failure to do so will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • After mounting your bike at the designated line ( this will be at the bottom of the Car Park road) you will follow the road out of the Leisure and turn left onto Margaret Street.
  • Margaret Street leads you into Union Street then you  will turn left onto High Street and then left again onto the A474.
  • Follow the A474 road all the way to Garnant.
  • In Garnant there is a mini roundabout which will be marshalled – this is your turn around point for the bike.
  • Re-trace your steps back towards Ammanford and all the way down to the roundabout by King’s Diner where you will go all the way round the roundabout and head back up past Lidls before taking the first left back onto High Street.
  • Take a right hand turn back onto UnionnStreet  – this will be marshalled but you have to abide by the Highway code and give way to any onward traffic before turning right.
  • Once onto Margaret Street turn right again into the entrance for Amman Valley School which will lead you back to the Leisure Centre. You will then be asked to DISMOUNT at the line.
  • The Cycle course will be clearly signposted with Large Yellow fluorescent arrow signs and we will have marshalls on all key junctions.

Run 5Km

  • On exiting transition area head out from the Leisure Centre and turn left onto Margaret Street.
  • Follow Margaret Street and then take a small lane and turn left onto Walters Road.
  • At the end of Walters Road cross the road and turn right before taking a left turn onto High Street.
  • Within 50 metres you will then enter onto the new cycle path which will take you on a picturesque trail.
  • The turnaround point will be located along this path and you then re-trace your steps exactly back to the Leisure Centre.