Healthy Life Activities has made a conscious decision in 2018 to make its events as Eco Friendly as possible. Many of us will have watched the superb Blue Planet II programme and been horrified at the volume and impact of plastic materials within our Oceans. As Triathletes we love swimming in these Oceans and therefore we should all play our little part in trying to cut down on the levels of pollution.

During the course of a year in our events we would use approximately 5000 plastic bottles of water. They are used for convenience if I’m honest – much easier for our marshals to simply hand out a bottle of water at a feed station or at the Finish line. At course feed stations those bottles would hold 500ml of water but an athlete would only take a quick swig of water and then throw the bottle wasting water.

This year we will be using Bio-degradable plastic cups at all our events. At our Finish Lines you will take a plastic cup and help yourself to as much or as little water as needed. The cups were procured from GreenGate Bio Packaging who state :

Ocean Plastics – Our materials break down and don’t pollute our earth.

No Waste To Landfill – Our packaging can be recycled or composted instead.

Renewable Resources – Plants are used to manufacture our packaging, not oil.

Global Warming & Climate Change – More clean & renewable energy is used to make our materials.