North Dock Water Quality




The Llanelli Multi-Sport Events scheduled for May 11th to May 13th will go ahead as planned. The water quality test results received have confirmed that the water quality in the North Dock is excellent and that the algae detected at the beginning of April was not the Toxic Blue/Green All precautions had to be taken by Carmarthenshire County Council to ensure public health was guaranteed which meant that signs were erected to inform the public not to swim or bathe in the water.

Action Taken

Carmarthenshire County Council officers have worked incredibly hard behind the scenes in conjunction with myself as Race Organiser to ensure all steps were taken to allow the Llanelli Multi-Sport Festival to go ahead as planned.  They have engaged and worked with Public Health and Natural Resources Wales ( NRW ). So what exactly has taken place :

  • Water Samples were taken by Public Health once the North Dock was closed for bathing and these were Micro-Biology tests which showed that compared to the National Standards for water bathing quality the water quality in the North Dock was ‘Excellent’
  • Water samples were also taken by Natural Resources Wales and their initial findings were that the algae was most likely marine algae. Water tests taken out at sea also gave the same results.
  • The North Dock was emptied and re-filled on the high tides of April 29th/30th
  • Further water samples were then taken by Public Health and Natural Resources Wales.
  • Public Health test results were returned on May 8th and once again showed that the water quality was ‘Excellent’.  Test Results are below
  • NRW once gain claimed that it was most likely marine algae
  • Healthy Life Activities following advice from the governing body British Triathlon engaged the services of Swim Safety – an independent company used to test water bathing quality.
  • Water Samples were sent to their labs from the North Dock on Friday May 5th.
  • These test results were returned on May 8th and showed that the algae present was NOT BLUE/GREEN Algae – the test certificate is below.


Following the receipt of these Test Results and in depth discussions with the Local Authority, Swim Safety and British Triathlon the decision has been taken that the events on the weekend can take place as the water quality poses no risk to human health and is safe for bathing.

Public Health Test Results My 8th 2018

Standards for coastal and transitional waters

North Dock – Algae Test

North Dock – Full – 4.5.18

Marine Algae Blooms – NRW Information Leaflet