The Course

The Course – Standard Distance and Sprint Distance Triathlon 2018

The re-scheduled Sospan Sizzler Middle Distance Triathlon will also be taking part and they start at 7:00am. Your Course for the Standard and Sprint Distance events will be clearly singed with PINK SIGNAGE

The course descriptions below should make the course clear for those that want to ‘check it out’ beforehand, and convey important information that, if you do not read thoroughly, may lead you to be penalised or disqualified.


Please note that all main junctions will be marshalled but please be aware that marshals cannot stop traffic and the race is run on open roads so it is your responsibility to cycle safely. Anything deemed to be unsafe will be recorded by marshals and the race referee will impose a time penalty or disqualification, as appropriate (see above).

SWIM – 1500m & 750m

This will be a beach start  – you will swim out around the ORANGE buoys keeping them on your Right Shoulder. A quick  dash on the beach and round the bollard and then out for the 2nd loop for the Standard Distance Triathlon. Sprint Distance athletes will exit the water and make your way to the Transition area.

After the 2nd loop for the Standard Distance Triathlon you will head up the ramp and run 250m towards Transition which will be located by the harbour on grass.

You can IGNORE the Yellow Buoys – these are for the Sospan Sizzler Athletes Only.


The Standard Distance Triathlon will be a  two lap bike course whilst the Sprint Distance Triathlon will be ONE Lap. The Standard Distance Triathlon will only cycle the road indicated in Yellow ONCE – the Bike Turn for the Standard Distance Triathlon will be at the main roundabout that enters Burry Port Harbour. Take 1st left at the next roundabout. You will then follow this road through Pembrey – please take care of the parked car ( highlighted in Yellow below). At the junction you will then Turn left and follow the road out towards Kidwelly.  You will turn at the 1st Roundabout in Kidwelly and head back on the road to Llanelli. You then take the 2nd exit on the next Roundabout and straight through the following rounbabouts as you head back towards Burry Port Harbour. At the roundabout to the Burry Bort Harbour entrance you will go all the way round and head back out towards the Kidwelly Roundabout before retracing your steps back to Transiition. It’s a straight forward course that will be clearly signposted and marshalled.

The Sprint Distance Triathlon will only complete ONE LAP – you will dismount just after the roundabout and make your way into Transition.

You can zoom in on the bike course map – the light blue section through 1 – 2km is only covered once.

The bike course has the potential of being a fast one – the highest point is only 40m above sea level. The wind of course could have something to say about a fast time though!!

RUN – 10Km & 5Km  ( Follow Pink Background Signs )

Standard Distance Triathlon, 10km Course – You will exit from Transition and follow the Coastal Path back towards Pwll -  THE RUN TURN IS ON TOP OF THE RAILWAY BRIDGE. The Turn around point will be just passed Transition. There will be a Feed Station here for you at the 5km mark.

Sprint Distance Triathlon, 5Km Course - You will exit from Transition and follow the Coastal Path back towards Pwll – THE RUN TURN IS ON TOP OF THE RAILWAY BRIDGE. You will then return to Burry Port harbour and head for the Finish Line and down the Red Carpet.

The Finish will be NEAR THE MARQUEE

Transition Area