Race Rules

Race briefing / rules

A compulsory race briefing will take place at 7:00am am on the slipway to the Harbour All competitors MUST attend. The race is run under British Triathlon rules (see www.britishtriathlon.org). In particular this means the cycle stage is NON-DRAFTING (see details under bike course below). Standard penalties are listed in the British Triathlon rules, but particular attention is drawn to the following:

2-minute penalty

· Moving bike without helmet fastened

· Drafting (first offence – warning will be given at race briefing)

· Riding in the transition area (failing to mount or dismount where indicated)

· Race number violations (e.g. folded)

· Equipment impeding other athletes (e.g. wetsuit in way of other athletes)

Disqualification if fault not rectified after a warning

· Illegal equipment

· Banned equipment, including MP3 players, mobile phones

· Racing topless


· Threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct

· Breaking road traffic regulations

· Dangerous conduct/cycling

· Failing to obey marshals or the Police

· Drafting (second offence)

Penalties will be posted in a prominent position and any appeals must follow the procedure outlined on the day.