HINTS & TIPS FOR RACE DAY – Tenovus Womens Only Triathlon

Last Minute Checklist.

  • Check your bike to make sure everything’s in working order especially :
  • Brakes working
  • Tyre pressure’s ok
  • Spare inner tube/tools and pump in case of a puncture.
  • Spare pair of swimming goggles in case strap snaps on race morning.
  • Drinks bottle for bike.
  • Bike helmet ok /    NO BIKE HELMET = NO RACE
  • £5.00 For Purchase of DAY LICENCE / NO DAY LICENCE = NO RACE
  • Read Race Pack details one more time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 -  What is a Day Licence and do I need one?
A 1 – The day licence ensure you have 3rd party insurance on race day. You will need the Day Licence. if you do not have a valid Welsh/British Triathlon Membership Licence

Q2 – How do I get hold of a Day Licence ?
A2 – The day licence can be purchased at Registration on Race Day for £5.00

Q3 – What do I wear for the swim ?
A3 – In August Wetsuits will not be compulsory so you can swim in your swimsuit or Trisuit if desired. You will be given a swim cap at Registration.

Q4 – Can I swim backstroke or butterfly in the swim ?
A4 – No, you can only use front crawl or breastroke.

Q5 – Can I change into dry clothes before the bike ?
A5 – You can but there is NO nudity allowed in Transition.

Q6 – Will the bike racks in Transition have my race number on ?
A6 – No the bike racking will not be numbered – you can place your bike anywhere on the racking  but please  give  consideration to your fellow competitors.

Q7 – Will there be a drinks station out on the Run ?
A7 – This is a one loop 5k run so water will be available at the Finish line

Q8 – What if I decide to cycle through the red lights at the Zebra crossing because I can’t see anyone crossing ?
A8 – You will be Disqualified – you have to obey the highway code unless instructed otherwise by  the Police. This has never happened.

Q9 – What happens if I can’t complete the course ?
A9 – Please let them know when you get back to Transition and inform Registration.

Q10 – What is Drafting ?

A10 – Drafting is when you cycle to closely to the cyclist in front. We will have three motorbike referees out on the course who will warn cyclists that are drafting and if they are caught a second time they will be disqualified.

Q11 – Can family and friends go out on the course to support us ?
A11 – Yes they can support you on the course but not provide any assistance.

Q12 – Will there be a bike mechanic at the event in case something happens.
A12 – We will have bike mechanics at the event from Merlin Cycles. They will be based near Transition and won’t be out on the course.

IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS BEFORE RACE DAY THEN FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME Noelwyn@healthylifeactivities.co.uk or Text 07968859260