Sospan Sprint Triathlon Llanelli 2017

Youth Event –  375m / 12km / 2.5km

Junior Event – 750m / 20km / 5km

These are the course details for the above events. The highway shown for the bike course will be closed on May 13th. The Race Organiser has the right to make changes to the course if deemed necessary.

Swim – Youth 375m  &  Juniors 750m

The swim course is in the safe haven of the North Dock. We will have ample water safety crew in the water and the course will be clearly marked with large orange buoys. The Youth athletes will swim ONE LAP and the Juniors will swim TWO LAPS – This will be a Beach Start.



Bike –   Youth 12km  &  Juniors  20km

The Bike course will be on closed roads and is flat and fast. YOUTH athletes will complete THREE 4km loops and JUNIOR athletes will complete 5 loops with each loop having  3 dead turns.  This map shows the location of Transition and the route you will take to the start of the 4km bike loop.  Click on Image to enlarge.

You can view the course online – Bike Course

Run  -  YOUTh 2.5km   &  JUNIORS  5Km

The Run course is along the Millennium Coastal Path. YOUTh athletes will complete ONE Loop with JUNIOR athletes completing TWO Loops. There will be marshals on the course but as athletes you need to make sure your familiar with the course. You can view the course online and zoom in on the course. The map shows ONE lap only – YOUTHS will run to the FINISH line whilst there will be a dead turn at the end of Loop 1 for Junior athletes. You will notice the elevation is less than 8m for the course making it a very fast course although the sometimes windy conditions may have something to say about that!! View Run Course ONLINE
Transition Area Map can be viewed above.