John Hartson Foundation

John Hartson is a former Welsh internationall footballer. He is best known for his spells at Arsenal, Celtic and West Ham. He earned 51 caps for Wales before he retired in 2006

In July 2009 Hartson received chemotherapy after being diagnosed with testicular cancer which had spread to his brain. It was later reported the cancer had spread to his lungs and that he remained in a ‘critical condition’ following emergency surgery.The treatment was successful and by December of that year it was reported that the cancer had been virtually eradicated from Hartson’s body although he would have more treatment and surgery.

The John Hartson Foundation has been set up through the determination of John himself as he continues to battle through his horrendous ordeal, this is the character of the man, his main focus will be to openly offer his experience in going through a traumatic time since he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer after ignoring a lump for 4 years, John admits himself that if he was aware of how easy it was to get checked and that Testicular Cancer is over 90% curable if caught early enough he probably would not have had to go through the brain operations, lung operations and over 60 sessions of chemotherapy.

The aims and objectives of the Foundation will be to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer and how easy and most of all how important it is to check yourself on a regular basis, the foundation will also raise funds to provide cancer organisations more support throughout the UK.